Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter Review

alaska bear cigar cutter review

Whether you are newbie or you have been smoking cigars for a while, one of the pieces of gear you will always need is a good cutter. My personal preference in cutters and probably the most versatile types of cutters is a double-bladed guillotine cutter.  Right now my go to cutter is the Alaska Bear […]

Best Cigar Brands for Beginners

Best Cigar Brands for Beginners

You have just started smoking cigars and you decide to head down to your local shop to pick up a cigar to enjoy on a nice lazy sunny afternoon or maybe to enjoy during your next round of golf. I remember the feeling the first time I stepped into a walk-in humidor. I was 18 […]

What is a Humidor

What is a humidor

If you are new to cigar smoking you may have heard of a humidor, but are not quite sure what they are. Well to put it simply a humidor is box (usually) that you store cigars in. But really it is much, much more than that. A humidor creates favorable environment that is suitable for […]