Keep Your Cigars Fresh with These Wifi and Bluetooth Hygrometers

For cigar enthusiasts, maintaining a stable environment for storage is crucial to preserve the quality and flavor of their collection. Tupperdors are an effective solution for this, offering a budget-friendly, airtight alternative to traditional humidors. With the integration of digital hygrometers, cigar aficionados can ensure their collection’s environment is precise and remotely monitored. Many hygrometer … Read more

Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter Review

alaska bear cigar cutter review

Whether you are a newbie or you have been smoking cigars for a while, one of the pieces of gear you will always need is a good cutter. My personal preference in cutters and probably the most versatile types of cutters is a double-bladed guillotine cutter.  Right now my go-to cutter is the Alaska Bear … Read more

Cuban Crafters Perfect Cigar Cutter Review

Cuban Crafters Perfect Cigar Cutter Review

Holly crap!!  Where have you been all my life…  Have you ever discovered a new gadget or tool and had this reaction?  I know that I have…  In fact, I just did when I got my Cuban Crafters Perfect Cigar Cutter. While something as small as cutting the head off your cigar before you light … Read more