Mieo SH104MT Digital Hygrometer Review

Mieo SH104MT Digital Hygrometer

This is my review of the Mieo SH104MT Digital Hygrometer that I got from Amazon.  When I was shopping for a new hygrometer I decided to to try a make and model, rather than just buy another one like I have already.  I must say I have been happy with my decision.

Why the Mieo SH104MT?

A hygrometer is essential for anyone who is getting serious about his or her cigars. It also helps ensure that your cigars are at their best when you smoke them. Storing cigars at a humidity level that is either too high or too low is bad for cigars. It can cause issues with the way a cigar burns and even affect its taste.

Storing cigars at too low of a humidity will dry them out and they will become unsmokable.  Store them at too high of a humidity and they can grow mold.  You have to keep the humidity right in the sweet spot (69%-72% RH).  And the only way you will know for sure is with an accurate hygrometer.

When I recently put together another tupperdor I knew I would need a hygrometer for it, so I did a bit of searching to see what was out there. I ended up getting a Mieo digital Hygrometer (Model SH104MT). There are many options out there for digital hygrometers, and I must say so far that I really like this one. Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons on this hygrometer.


Display – The Mieo SH104MT has a good size display that is easy to read. This is a great feature.  I can set it in my tupperdor facing out and it is easy to read through the clear plastic. This unit displays both the temperature, humidity (essentials) and the time… I could really care less about the time.

Easy to set up – I have owned a couple different digital hygrometers and I must say that the Mieo SH104MT has been the easiest one to setup up. It comes with very clear instructions and has two buttons that make it a breeze to setup.

Can calibrate humidity – The ability to calibrate the humidity reading on a hygrometer is one of the main reasons to choose a digital one over an analog one. Yet, not all digital hygrometers offer this feature. With the Mieo SH104MT it couldn’t be simpler, Just place the unit in sealed environment that has 75% humidity (I used this). Let it sit for at least 24 hours and if the unit doesn’t read 75%, press and hold the button on the front until it flashes 75% and then press the set button on the back to confirm… It couldn’t be easier.

Battery Life – Per the manufacture, they guarantee a 16-month battery life. I have not had mine for that long, so I cannot verify that this true. I know that other digital hygrometers I have had in the past did not have a battery life this long.

Update – Despite the manufacture’s claim, my original battery only lasted 5 months and 15 days.  Only time will tell if the replacement Energizer battery will fair better.


None – I really cannot think of any cons for this unit… I guess I could throw out the generic “It wasn’t free” comment here…

Going through the reviews on Amazon there are a few that mention DOA devices.  This however is common with most electronic devices. With an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5, this is obviously the exception.

The Mieo SH104MT also has a couple of other features that while they do not appeal to me may be something useful for you. The unit displays the time. While this doesn’t really provide any functional data, it may make more sense when you know that this hygrometer also records hourly averages of the temperature and humidity readings for the last 24 hours. Again, while this feature does not really appeal to me much, it may to you.


There are quite a few digital hygrometers out there that are in the same price range as the Mieo SH104MT ($10-$20). However, for my money, none of them offers the same ease of use, functionality and value as the Mieo. Whether you are just starting out and putting together your first humidor or tuppordor, or you are no stranger to cigars and putting together your 10th.