Butane Torch Lighter for Cigars: Top Choices in 2023

A butane torch lighter is an essential accessory for cigar enthusiasts who appreciate the ritual of igniting their finely crafted cigars. The use of a butane torch lighter ensures a quick, robust, and even light, helping to preserve the unique flavors and carefully constructed layers of the cigar. These lighters are specifically designed to produce a consistent and hot flame, unlike traditional lighters or matches, which can often result in uneven burning and diminished enjoyment of the smoking experience.

Butane torch lighters come in a variety of styles, sizes, and features to suit individual preferences. Some models offer single or multiple flame jets for more robust lighting requirements, while others provide wind resistance to ensure consistent performance in outdoor conditions. Additionally, the quality of materials used in construction can vary significantly, with premium options boasting a more durable and long-lasting build.

When considering the purchase of a butane torch lighter for cigars, it’s crucial to pay attention to factors such as flame consistency, ease of use, and the lighter’s overall size and design. A quality lighter should have a strong, wind-resistant flame, be comfortable to hold and simple to operate, and fit well within your preferred setting for enjoying cigars. It’s also essential to consider the type of fuel used, as high-quality butane will help to prolong the life of the lighter and ensure optimal performance.

After extensive research and testing, I’ve narrowed down a selection of butane torch lighters for cigars that stand out for their performance, craftsmanship, and reliability. These options cater to a range of preferences and budgets, allowing you to make an informed choice and elevate your cigar smoking experience.

Best Butane Torch Lighters for Cigars

I have compiled a list of the top butane torch lighters for cigars. These high-quality products will elevate your cigar-smoking experience, ensuring a consistent and suitable flame.

TOMOLO Torch Lighter

TOMOLO Torch Lighter

This TOMOLO Torch Lighter is a reliable option for cigar lovers. It offers powerful triple jet flames and a built-in cigar punch.


  • Durable zinc alloy material
  • Triple jet flames for stronger firepower
  • Built-in cigar punch


  • May consume fuel quickly
  • No pre-filled butane
  • Potentially weak flame adjustment

I’ve been using the TOMOLO Torch Lighter for my cigars and I must say, the zinc alloy material on the top gives it a sturdy and durable feel. Not only is the transparent fuel tank design aesthetically pleasing, but it also allows me to easily monitor the butane level in the lighter. The built-in cigar punch is an added bonus that I’ve found extremely useful while enjoying my favorite cigars.

When lighting a cigar, the triple jet flames really make a difference compared to single or double jet flame lighters. Thanks to the powerful flames, I’ve been able to use this lighter for various purposes. Its is useful for everything from smoking cigars to outdoor activities like hiking. Moreover, it comes in an exquisite gift box, making it a perfect present for special occasions like Father’s Day or birthdays.

Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad. I did notice that the triple jet flames could consume butane rather quickly. Its best to keep an eye on the transparent fuel tank and be prepared for frequent refills. Additionally, the lighter doesn’t come pre-filled with butane due to safety regulations, which means you’ll have to fill it up yourself upon arrival. Lastly, the flame adjustment could use some improvement as it didn’t seem to work very effectively in changing the flame level.

Overall, the TOMOLO Torch Lighter is a great choice for cigar aficionados seeking a durable and reliable lighter with impressive firepower. Even though it has a few minor drawbacks, the additional features like the built-in cigar punch and versatile use make it well worth considering.

TOPKAY Cigar Lighter, Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighters

TOPKAY Cigar Lighter

This TOPKAY Cigar Lighter is a reliable and powerful choice for cigar enthusiasts.


  • Triple jet flame for quick and even lighting
  • Windproof and comes with a visible gas tank
  • Versatile and easily adjustable flame


  • Comes without butane gas
  • Uses more butane than single flame lighters
  • Black color may make it easy to misplace

I recently used the TOPKAY Cigar Lighter, and I must say, it impressed me with its triple jet flame feature. The powerful torch flame made lighting my cigar a breeze, even in windy conditions. Not only did it light my cigar quickly, but it also ensured an even burn, enhancing my overall smoking experience.

The lighter has a visible gas tank. This made it easy for me to keep track of the remaining butane and know when a refill was needed. Though it’s worth mentioning that it consumes more butane than a single flame lighter. I find that it’s a small price to pay for its effective performance.

Additionally, this versatile lighter can be used for lighting candles, BBQs, fireplaces, and even for various hobby projects like jewelry making or welding. Its easily adjustable flame feature allowed me to fine-tune the flame intensity according to my needs. However, keep in mind that this lighter doesn’t come with butane gas, so you’ll need to purchase that separately.

One minor drawback I noticed is its black color — it blended in with my dark desk, making it easy to misplace. It would be great if it came in a more visible color. Nonetheless, the TOPKAY Cigar Lighter is a solid choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful cigar lighter.

Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter

Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter

The Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter is a reliable and stylish option for anyone seeking an enjoyable cigar experience.


  • All-in-one design with lighters, punch, and holder
  • Dual powerful burners for quick ignition
  • Unique frosted texture with gas window


  • Cap flips only 90 degrees
  • Easy to overfill, causing flame sputtering
  • Uncolored fuel window background

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter, and I must say I was quite impressed. Its all-in-one design means that you no longer need to carry separate tools for lighting, punching, and holding their cigars. The compact size makes it easy to carry, ensuring you can always enjoy a perfectly lit cigar.

The dual powerful burners on this lighter provide a double-barrel blue flame that ignited my cigar in just one second. The flame regulator at the bottom kept the flame strong and consistent, and I found it to be quite wind-resistant. This was a relief when lighting up outdoors. The lighter’s side also features a gas window, which allowed me to keep an eye on the fuel levels and refill the butane as needed.

However, there were a few drawbacks that I experienced. The cap on the lighter flips only 90 degrees, causing the flames to hit the top in windy conditions. This could make it a bit difficult to light the cigar seamlessly. Additionally, it is quite easy to overfill the lighter, resulting in the flame sputtering, which is not ideal. Lastly, although the fuel window is useful, the lack of a colored background makes it harder to see the exact fuel level. Nonetheless, these minor concerns didn’t take away from the overall positive experience I had with this product.

In conclusion, the Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter offers a combination of functionality and style for cigar lovers. The pros certainly outweigh the cons, and I would recommend it confidently to anyone seeking a reliable, efficient, and elegant lighter for their cigars.

XIFEI Cigar Lighter 4 Jet Flame Torch

XIFEI Cigar Lighter

This lighter is worth considering for its powerful flame, innovative design, and additional cigar holder feature, although it may require frequent refueling.


  • Powerful 4 jet torch flame
  • Unique rocker arm ignition
  • Built-in cigar holder


  • Might require frequent refueling
  • Inconsistent ignition for some users
  • Flame might be too strong for beginners

I recently used the XIFEI Cigar Lighter and appreciated its powerful 4 jet torch flame, which made lighting my cigar quick and easy. The windproof design also allowed me to use it in various settings without any issues. It’s perfect for cigar enthusiasts who are looking for a powerful and reliable lighter.

The unique rocker arm ignition is a refreshing change from traditional pressing mechanisms. It offers a more convenient and simple way to ignite the lighter. Plus, the built-in cigar holder at the top is a handy addition. It makes this lighter an ideal choice for cigar lovers who want a place to rest their cigar.

However, I noticed that the large butane fuel tank might require more frequent refueling compared to other lighters. This means you might need to keep a close eye on the fuel level.  If you’re a heavy user, or have a spare lighter on hand just in case. Additionally, some users may experience inconsistencies when trying to ignite the lighter, which could be a minor annoyance.

Lastly, the powerful flame might be too strong for beginners, potentially causing scorched cigars if not used with caution. If you’re new to cigar smoking, you might want to practice lighting with a less intense flame before using this lighter. Overall, the XIFEI Cigar Lighter provides a strong flame and unique features, making it a potential option for those seeking a combination of power and innovation in their cigar lighter.