Ronson Jetlite Review

Ronson Jetlite ReviewWhen it comes to cigar gear, there are only two things that you will need when first starting out.  A cigar cutter and a refillable butane lighter.  These two things will become essential in your journey into the cigar smoking lifestyle.

While over time you will probably end up with more than one of both of these items.  It is important to start with an affordable and reliable one of each.

When it comes to butane lighters, the one that I recommend over and over especially for beginners is the Ronson Jetlite.  The Ronson Jetlite is a great lighter for beginners because it meets three important criteria: Affordability, Ease of Use & Availability.  In this Ronson Jetlite review I will give you a brief look at this lighter that will surely become any new cigar smokers go to lighter.


There are a lot of butane lighters out there that cost a whole lot more than what you will pay for Ronson Jetlite.  While I’m not saying that these lighters aren’t worth the money, some have more desirable features like life-time warranties, multiple flame, larger butane storage, etc.  For what it is the Jetlite is hard to beat for the price.  No frills, just a basic lighter that is great for beginners.

Ease of Use:

The Ronson Jetlite is about as basic as basic can get for a butane lighter.  It has a metal case and lid, much like a Zippo.  Simply flip the lid open and press down on the button and boom you have flame.  The Jetlite also has a flame adjustment and refill port on the bottom.  Nothing fancy, just the basics.


Unlike other brands of cigar lighters like Colibri, Xikar or Lotus that you may have to purchase from B&M cigar shops or online cigar retailers, you can pick up a Ronson Jetlite at a lot of stores you probably visit on a regular basis.  Sure you can order them online from places like Amazon, but they can also be found at most drug stores and Walmart’s.  I know I typically buy mine at Walgreens and at the time of writing this pay less than $5 for them, but I have seen them at other stores like CVS.

Ronson Jet LiteHands On

The very Zippo like lid on this lighter protects all the vital pieces and keeps them clean and free of things like lint.  This is a great feature if you plan on carrying the lighter in your pants pocket.

Ronson Lid

On the bottom of the lighter you will find the flame adjustment screw, the refill port and a small Philips head screw should you ever want to disassemble your lighter.  If you do plan on taking your lighter apart, please be sure and purge all of the butane out of the lighter first.  This will lessen the possibility of an accidental ignition.

Ronson Bottom

The only negative thing I have found about this lighter is that the finish doesn’t hold up well.  I typically carry one with me every day. The metal case is durable, but the finish will begin to show wear if you carry it like I do in my pocket with things like a pocket knife and car keys.Ronson Torch

Keeping in mind that it is a “budget friendly” lighter, the looks don’t bother me.  I carry a lighter with me every day (because you never know when the urge or the opportunity to smoke a cigar will strike right?) and it quickly showed its wear.  But it still functions flawlessly as long as I keep filling it up with butane when it is empty.


I have no problem recommending the Ronson Jetlite to anyone who smokes cigars.  It is a great first lighter and is also a great backup lighter.  It is a great option to keep in your car, your golf bag or anywhere it may be handy to have lighter.

Their low price also comes in handy if you have a tendency to forget, lose or leave things like lighters behind.  The pain of losing a five-dollar lighter

Do you have a Ronson Jetlite? Do you love it? Hate it? Would you recommend it to others? I would love to hear your thoughts on this lighter.