Cheap Cigars for Beginners

Cheap Cigars for BeginnersWhen many people first start out smoking cigars one of the things they concern themselves with most is the cost of cigars. Most try to search out the cheapest cigars for beginners that they can find.

This is a bad idea…

Cigars are like most things; you get what you pay for. If you tend to gravitate towards the cheapest cigars, you will typically get cigars that are poorly constructed, don’t burn well and may taste like grass mixed with hay.

There are exceptions to this (some are covered below), but in general, cheap cigars are cheap for a reason… And as a beginner, you should stay away from them.

Handmade Cigars Aren’t Cheap

Cigar smoking is not a cheap hobby… If paying $10-$15+ for a cigar is a concern for you then you may want to re-evaluate your desire to get into cigar smoking.

The cost of a cigar reflects the time and care that went into making it. From the aging, fermenting of the tobacco, the blending of different varieties to product the optimum flavor and experience. To the time tested, experienced hands that construct each cigar, one at a time. To expect all of this for a discount price isn’t going to happen.

2nds Are An Option

As mentioned above there are some exceptions to this. Some of the larger cigar makers offer “2nds” of some of their most popular cigars through various retailers. The reasons that these are considered “2nds” may vary. From slight visual defects in the wrapper, to sight construction issues or they may have been made by new cigar rollers. Either way they did not meet the internal standards to be sold as full price premium cigars, but they are still very smokeable.

The only downside to buying and smoking 2nds is that typically you will only be able to find them at online cigar retailers and they will typically only be available in bundles of 10+ cigars. This may not be the right option for someone just starting out, since you will need a way to store the cigars and if you don’t like the cigar you are stuck with many more of them.

The lure of cheap cigars is strong for those just starting out, unless you just have money burning a hole in your pocket (if so email me and I can take some of it off your hands for you LOL). You are better off in the beginning to skimp on things like lighters and cutters.


Most B&M (brick and mortar) cigar stores will cut your cigars for you. The good ones will ask you if you want your cigars cut, but if they don’t you can always ask. If they don’t ask or tell you no, you may want to look for a new store.

There are also cheap cutters out there that are perfect for the beginner. The Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter available on Amazon for example is a nice stainless steel cutter, that is affordable and will serve the beginning cigar smoker well.


Just like offering to cut your cigars for you, a quality B&M will either offer you free matches or have them available for a very low price. Matches are a very suitable way to light your cigars and to some is the best way to light cigars.

If you are smoking your cigars outside or just prefer the ease of a lighter, the Ronson Jetlite is for you. This is a very affordable and widely available butane lighter that is perfect for beginners.

Bottom Line

When you are starting your journey into the world of cigars, variety is the way to go. Let the pursuit of trying new manufactures, shapes/sizes, wrappers, etc. be the primary factor driving your cigar buying decisions and not their price. I mean I get not shelling out $750 for a Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve , but don’t limit yourself to only smoking sub $10 cigars.