Mieo SH104MT Digital Hygrometer Review

Mieo SH104MT Digital Hygrometer

This is my review of the Mieo SH104MT Digital Hygrometer that I got from Amazon (Link).  When I was shopping for a new hygrometer I decided to to try a make and model, rather than just buy another one like I have already.  I must say I have been happy with my decision. Why the […]

Cigar Bands – When and How to Remove Them

Cigar Bands - How and When to remove them

You may look at your cigar before you even cut or light it and inspect it’s band and then think, “when should I take this off?” or “How do I take this thing off?”.  Improperly trying to remove your cigar’s band may be one of the first things you are doing when you smoke a […]

Building a Tupperdor – A Guide for Beginners

Building a Tupperdor - A guide for beginners

Building a tupperdor is a great way for beginner cigar smokers to start their collections and expand their If you are anything like me, once you got started smoking cigars one of the first things you think about is buying more cigars to enjoy.  This will then lead you to point that you will need […]