What is a Humidor

What is a humidor

If you are new to cigar smoking you may have heard of a humidor, but are not quite sure what they are. Well to put it simply a humidor is box (usually) that you store cigars in. But really it is much, much more than that. A humidor creates favorable environment that is suitable for … Read more

Cigar Cutters for Beginners

Cigar Cutters for Beginners

        Another essential step in the process of smoking a cigar is the cut… There are a lot of variables when it comes to cutting the head of a cigar. I know this may sound kind of odd to someone who is new to cigars but the further down the rabbit hole you get the … Read more

Got a Light?

One of the most crucial aspects of smoking a cigar and making it an enjoyable experience is lighting it. This includes both how you light it and what you light it with. A good light will allow the cigar to burn evenly and require fewer “touch ups “. First lets tackle what you use the … Read more