What is a Humidor

What is a humidor

If you are new to cigar smoking you may have heard of a humidor, but are not quite sure what they are. Well to put it simply a humidor is box (usually) that you store cigars in. But really it is much, much more than that.

A humidor creates favorable environment that is suitable for storing cigars. Show what does that mean? What is a favorable environment for storing cigars?
A humidor is usually a wooden box of a certain size that is lined with Spanish cedar. It should have a nice tight seal when the lid is closed. The reason for this is the primary concern when storing cigars… Humidity.

Cigars are fragile in the respect that they need to be stored at the proper humidity (65%-70%) and at a temperature around 70 degrees. If they are stored at too low of a humidity for a period of time they will begin to dry out. Also if they are stored at too high of a humidity they will be to “wet”. If cigars are stored in an environment that is too humid for too long they will actually begin to grow mold on them.

Both of these situations could make a cigar difficult and unenjoyable to smoke.
So if a humidor is just a wooden box, how do you create and maintain that environment that your cigars will like? You need to a humidifier and a hygrometer.


Humidifiers for humidors are devices that are usually filled with a gel or crystal that will release humidity over time. Humidifiers will need to be refilled regularly with distilled water in order to maintain the proper humidity level.


A hydrometer is an instrument that measure humidity. You will need one of these in your humidor to monitor the humidity level. It will also let you know when you need to refill your humidifier. The come in both digital and analog versions.
Owning a humidor is a bit commitment. You will need to check its humidity periodically, refill your humidifier when needed. This work though is a small price to pay to have a selection of cigars available at your fingertips.

Do you have a humidor? Are you thinking of making the investment in one? What questions do you have about humidors?

Photo credit: idovermani / Foter / CC BY